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Berowra & District Community Association


1. Empower local residents to become a vital part of the democratic process by providing a voice for appropriate and sustainable development, while promoting the district for residents and business;

2. Help the councillors to understand Community needs and aspirations by providing a channel of communication between council, residents and other interested parties;

3. Represent Community issues;

4. Make the council accountable.

"The democratic process doesn't end at the ballot box. That's where it begins. After the ballot is over, voters need to continue to take an active part in what happens. Theirs is not just a passive role, putting up with whatever decisions their representatives make. Indeed, those elected need to know what the people think and feel if they are truly to represent them. So, voters have an obligation and a duty to be a continuing part of the democratic process, and to persist in putting their ideas forward and in making their opinions and aspirations known to those they've elected. That's what being a responsible adult means in a democracy."

(Taken from an address given in Sydney in 2005 by Fancisco 'Chico' Whitaker, one of the founders of the World Social Forum.)

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The B&DCA has its origins in a public meeting first suggested by Kathy Comb, editor of The Berowra Bush Telegraph, and then organised and brought about by Lyn and Jean Bolton of the Association for Berowra Creek. This meeting, reportedly attended by over 100 residents, was held on 21 June 2005.

A second meeting was planned - also courtesy of the Association for Berowra Creek - and took place on 28 June. At this second meeting, the B&DCA was formed.

In July 2014, the AGM elected the following officers:

Chairperson: Mick Marr
Secretary: Robyn Borkovic
Treasurer (& Vice-Chairman): Ken Fox

The next meeting of the B&DCA will be held on

Wednesday 22nd February 2017

at 7.30 pm

in the Old School Hall

cnr Berowra Waters and Crowley Roads

For more information,

please ring 02 9456 5155 or 02 9456 3934

Come along and join us!

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