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This web site has a number of aims, among them:

  • to keep a record of issues of concern and to follow up on them
  • to invite members to pool and share ideas and information
  • to provide a means for people easily and quickly to contact councillors and council
  • to post notices and news
  • in general to facilitate communication among those involved

You can send in your observations, comments, complaints, etc. by filling out the form on the Your Say page. As a rule, material you send in will be posted on this News & Views page.

You can read the issues pages and then use the material to send an e-mail to relevant members of the council (e.g. you can copy as much as you wish of the material into the e-mail form). Note that not all councillors have e-mail addresses, so you may have to contact them by snail mail or ask the ones you do contact to print out copies for the others.

A further thought. The democratic process doesn't end at the ballot box. That's where it begins. After the ballot is over, voters need to continue to take an active part in what happens. Theirs is not just a passive role, putting up with whatever decisions their representatives make. Indeed, those elected need to know what the people think and feel if they are truly to represent them. So, voters have an obligation and a duty to be a continuing part of the democratic process, and to persist in putting their ideas forward and in making their opinions and aspirations known to those they've elected. That's what being a responsible adult means in a democracy.
(Taken from an address given in Sydney in 2005 by Fancisco 'Chico' Whitaker, one of the founders of the World Social Forum.)

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